Saturday, December 8, 2012

quinn k.

quinn came to me with a bag of dark chocolate mint m&ms, and a request for some headshots for a audition that was taking place the next day.

how could I say no to the kid?

I knew we would have fun.

and we did.

check out his smolder…

quinn 006_edit_b&wquinn 024_edit_b&wquinn 044_editquinn 050_edit_b&wquinn 069_edit_b&wquinn 079_edit_b&w

hoping he gets HIS part!!

(watch, one day he’ll be famous.)


Heather Landry said...

Your photography is AWESOME! With head shots like that who could resist hiring him?

Cory and Kylee said...

I told him candy cane m&m's from target :) dang kapetanov of boys they dont listen... Pics look good mind!