Tuesday, December 11, 2012

jovi smashing a cake and being pretty darn cute.

this is my friend savannah’s baby.

(you might remember sav and her gorgeous family…)

and I really shouldn’t say that this is her baby..  miss jovi turned one, and well, we all know that my favorite thing in the world these days is a cake smash…

I am not sure, but I am fairly certain that I could have another baby, hope that her eyes are this gorgeous, and I would dress her up, feed her cake, and take pictures of her all.day.long.

yes, this was quite fun. 

don’t believe me?

well take a look…

(and pardon the picture overload.  you REALLY thought I could pin down my favorites to just a few?!)

jovi_05_b&w burnjovi_07_b&w burnjovi_10_crop_b&w burnjovi_15_b&w burnjovi_18_vintage burnjovi_19_vintage burn

dive baby!!!  dive!!!!

jovi_23_vintage burnjovi_26_vintage burnjovi_30_vintage burnjovi_31_vintage burn

and this sequence, I just couldn’t resist…

jovi_34_b&w burnjovi_35_b&w burnjovi_37_b&w burnjovi_38_b&w burn

aaaand, then we were done!

jovi_42_b&w boost

1 comment:

sav said...

OMH!!!! and i am literally squealing!!!! love them all... have i told you yet that you are the best... p.s. glad you posted because it reminded me to pay your cute bum. check your acct, i am good for my money. ;)