Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a little in love…

or maybe obsessed is the more appropriate word?

with this paper:


yes, “obsessed”.

I started this project LAST YEAR.  does that give you any indication as to what life is like here?  okay, okay, I kind of like to stick to working on projects in their proper season..  it just seems to work out better that way for me.  so I left it for, well, last week.

but it was just the thing to get me in the mood for christmas!

it all started, last year, when I decided to move around the furniture in the house.  this table was relocated from the entryway, to the end of our little hallway.  but above the table, smack in the middle of the wall, was a very ill-placed light switch. 

yes, that is what I call it.  now, I realize why the light switch is there, so a person, coming out of a bedroom door or the bathroom, would both be able to access it easily, but seriously?  right where it was?  I have two other switches to control these same lights, by the way.  so this one was going to get covered. 

I even googled:  “ill-placed light switch” and found some solutions, but this one hit me quicker. 

a gallery-wrapped canvas.  it’s deep enough to cover that light switch, but also serves a pretty fun purpose.

we have an everyday canvas with a line from a favorite song, but I wanted a fun one for Christmas.

I made one with this same movie quote last year, but decided quickly after I finished it (which was on the 23rd of december), that I hated it.  the font was all wrong.  the lettering slanted downward, slowly, and nobody else seemed to notice, until I pointed it out.  so this year, I re-painted it, and redid the lettering. 

I can admit, while cutting out the stencil with my cricut, I said a few bad words, but that situation will soon be remedied…



I love this quote…  I even bought a shirt that says it.

december projects 011_edit

I had to have this little pennant banner draped across the top.

dec 029_edit

and loved it so much I added it to my latest favorite thrifty find, my $2 window.

dec 087_edit

(sidenote:  “logical lynnie” thinks my window is stupid.  she claims it was a waste of my money.  I think it’s dumb that they didn’t put my kitchen sink at a wall where there could be a window.  seriously, the things they should have consulted me on when they were building this house, even though it wasn’t mine, then.  I would much rather look out of a window than at a wall.  but “logical lynnie” says:  “mom, you are looking at a wall still…  you wasted $2.”)

and then the same pennant banner HAD to be added to my “joy to the world” art.

this frame has another everyday version.  the tidbit of a song lyric that goes here is from cat stevens.  “oooh baby, baby, it’s a wild world.”  I happen to love it.  no one else seems to really. 

(and by “no one”, I mean merrill.  so whatever.)

december projects 004_edit

these trees got some imaginesce “i-top” brads, made with more of that darling paper, as ornaments.

dec 073_edit

and then there are the paper balls that I also happen to be overly obsessed with.  love my pinecones + glitter. 

(I have threatened my children with their very lives if they mess with these..)

december projects 014_edit

can anybody guess what is in the white bowl there?

(that is all that I have been thinking/talking about on instagram, I swear it!!)

december projects 025_edit

then, there’s my gordman’s globe, awesome find, and my “hooter” from scentsy.  I think he was july’s warmer of the month, I knew he had to come and live here as soon as I saw him.  isn’t he cute?

december projects 034_edit

tutes for the paper balls and how I adorned my trees will be up soon!!

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The Anderson's said...

Love it all!! I wish i had an ounce of your talent. So cute!