Saturday, December 1, 2012


this sweet baby belongs to two of my friends from school.

once upon a time, someone thought this cute dad and I were twins.  it has kind of stuck, and when we talk to each other, the first thing that comes out of either of our mouths is, “hey twin!!”

mom is just as darling and sweet as ever.  it’s nice that even though the years may pass, friendships never go away.

these two have been in love ever since I can remember, and it is fun to see what a cute family they have now, and that they are more in love than ever!!

this guy was a dream to take photos of.  it was difficult, to say the least, to narrow down my favorites.

(sorry if you end up baby hungry by the end of this post.  we can commiserate.)

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sav said...

oh my! i love them.. have i ever told you yet that i am ALWAYS having you take all of my pics from now on.... i am. and i love you. the end.