Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ashley has been planning for DAYS, what we would wear for our day together on Wednesday.  We have shirts that are similar, and she has wanted us to be twins.


I go to school with Ashley every Wednesday, committed to it at the beginning of the year in hopes that her teacher would get to know me, and that this year of kindergarten would go better than the other year of kindergarten we experienced.

That, and I have always dreamed of being able to help in my kids’ classrooms.  In the past couple of years, it just wasn’t going to happen.  A nursing baby, preschool schedule, etc.  This year was it.  I have to admit, that at the beginning of the year, I was already dreading EVERY Wednesday.  It is one thing to have the two of them ready in time to get to school, it is a whole other thing to have all of us ready.

I have been blessed with my dear mom who has come just about every week to play with Peyton for the two hours that I spend with Ash.  I have also been blessed with a good friend who has always been willing to help as well.

(Thank you!!!)

It has been a good thing for Ashley and me.

So when Ashley had another sleepless night, plagued with coughing and breathing issues, both of which kept her from going to school yesterday, I totally didn’t expect her to want to be my twin for the day.

She still wanted it, and I totally embraced it.  She even wanted twin hair.

(Minus the curls.  She hates it when I curl her hair.  A “flip” sufficed.)

How much longer will she even want to be like this?  Want to look just like her mom?

(And WILLINGLY take pictures with me?  It did help that I let her control the remote…)

So I ate it up.

And she was silly as usual..

twins_1 twins_2 twins_4 twins_5 twins_6 twins_7

It was fun going to the doctor and being twins there.


BookwormMom said...

Talia loves it when we match....and just like you, I wonder how long it will truly last, so I enjoy every moment of it!

You and Ash look ADORABLE!!!

You know, this post reminded me that there's a plan and a purpose...the reason you can be volunteer right now was because of the plan. The plan may not always go as we want it to...but we have to trust in the Lord. (I know you already know this, but sometimes, I temporarily forget :))

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love that Ashley wanted to be twins with you! sariah gets so embarrassed when I do anything with her now. Enjoy those moments! :)

Ally's Corner said...

Enjoy it both mine still miss me when they are at school!!

anniebobannie said...

super cute! Love her fun faces!

Jocelyn said...

ok, you two are freaking adorable!!! how cute that she wanted to be twins with you! ha love the fun pics too!!!

Promise said...

You two are sooo stinking cute! I am glad you have this time with her...she will remember it forever I am sure! I hope that Abby wants to be my twinner one day! :) Love you guys!