Friday, February 15, 2013

pure adoration.

I love liv.

(this shouldn’t be a secret to you..)

so it’s kind of a given that I adore pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the woman makes, and it doesn’t change this week either.

(are you really beginning to love friday’s for one more huge reason?)

here’s a new one that I LOVE..

T + Mini “Pure Adoration”.

I must post the rest of these pix of lynn soon…  I must take pix of pey in her matching purple foil pants soon..  ash?  she doesn’t like “sparkly things”.  it’s just not her “style”.

but this?  pure perfection I must say…

(click on image for full credits.)


next up are these limited edition actions..

and by “limited edition” they mean: “get them while you can!!!”

they are gorgeous…


please be gentle with my heart in the journaling of this next page…

it showcases liv’s newest paint brush set “roll over”.

it has been a difficult week.  maybe someday I will want to talk about it?


have a wonderful weekend!!

happy scrappin’ too.


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Oh mindy! I am sorry! I had to make the choice to tie the good old tubes with my last baby, Ethan.( who will be 4) Well, actually, as they took my last precious, screaming banshee out of me, my choice was taken from me in an instant. I thought I was prepared. I am sorry, you lovely beautiful, inspiring, wonderful mom! We need to get together for a diet coke! And your lay outs are lovely, as always, I love the picture of lynn! love you!!

Missy said...

I love this. Beautiful designs, and even more beautiful words on that last one. I completely know that feeling. No one could have prepared me for the knowledge that there would be no more. You have described it so perfectly. Lots of love. Your projects are amazing and I always love to come and see what you've been working on.

XOXOX, Missy