Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So ya wanna hear about my day?..

It has been a day of many things..
Lynn is better (cough, cough..) well, at least I haven't heard one..  so she went off to school.  I honestly couldn't take another day of her and Ashley being home.  Sounds awful, I know, I sound like my dad and pray everyday to have the inability to yell that my mother has, and her sweet, long-suffering patience..
Ashley was shuttled off to pre-school with the snack, which I forgot all about until last night shortly before 11pm.  Thank heavens for Albertson's (or what used to be.. RIP Albertson's name..) and their recent promotion of Quaker products 2 for $4..  I had snack covered.
Peyton and I were home for what was to be a measuring and sketching session in the craftroom to finish it up.  In my hunt for the tape measure, however, I noticed that my hunting was not necessary, if I would just tidy up the desk..  so that derailed me from my measuring and finishing.
I did find a South Ogden bill that was due on the 30th for the old house..  whoops! :)
I got to ordering more prints from Shutterfly, I have received 125 FREE prints from them in just the last couple of weeks.  Free prints, yum.  Grandpa W. will be happy to get some new pics of the girls.
I even set up an appointment for the power company to come and pick up the old refrigerator in the garage..  "See ya later, refrigerator!"
I felt like I had accomplished a lot.
Before I knew it, it was time to go get Ashley from pre-school.
Lunch closely followed.
As did a phone call from my husband.
"We need to be at Mountain View ASAP."
"Didn't we sign everything on our end?"
"They have more we need to sign.."
And indeed they did..  three addendums for the closing date of the other house..  dated respectively the 6th of October, the 28th of October, and today..
So fun.  I was excited though, that means I would own only one home by the end of this day.
And now I do.
But apparently, we weren't supposed to move in until today.
Second "whoops" for the day..
Second time I have moved into a house prematurely in my life.  Just tryin' to keep the streak going!
After that, I went to the funnest place, and got the hottest accessory of the season (of my life, really!).
I made a long overdue appointment to the eye doctor looong ago.  I knew I needed to do it, just kinda busy (and putting it off because it isn't the funnest activity).  I initially got glasses for reading, cross-stitching, crocheting, ya know, all the fun stuff that requires me to look at things that are relatively close to me.  I knew the situation was getting worse when I needed them while at the computer and later, when I was watching movies.  I am to the point now, where if I don't wear them, I get a headache, but if I wear them too long, I get a headache. 
I know, you are jealous.
I love everything about the eye doctor, well, except for the "One or two..  two or three..  two..  or three.." the air that they shoot into your eye, and those drops that dilate your pupils.
Luckily, no air.
But the drops were inevitable.
I took a nap after I got home to help ease the discomfort and frustration of my temporary blindness.  Lynn's thrusting of reading homework papers at me didn't restore my sight.
I feel great now..
Unless I go outside. 
Like I did to get the mail.
By the by..  thank you to retailers who know that I am ordering for Christmas, and send their products in non-descript packaging so my children are none the wiser. :) 
Thank you..
Another thank you of sorts goes to my two sistas, who helped me out today..
Thank you. ;)


Amber said...

I had to wear those hot glasses when I was 5 or 6. A school nurse was testing my vision and she pushed on my right eye while I was reading with my left. When the time came to read with the right eye, I couldn't see anything so she said I needed glasses. My mom took me to the eye doctor who pretty much said the nurse was an idiot because I had better than 20/20 vision.
After the eye doctor she took me back to school and I had to go onto the playground. I didn't want to wear the glasses so I hid in the shadow of the school until a teacher brought Allan over and had him convince me to put on the glasses and go play. I still don't know how he convinced me to do that as he was generally the first to make fun of me.
Thankfully, that has been my only experience with the glasses. Someday I'm sure I will need to go to the eye doctor again. Right now I'm am thankful for the vision I inherited from my dad. :)

kdance10 said...

HOTTT!!! What a fun and busy day, glad you only own one house now :)

Six-Pack Momma said...

I'm so glad you only own one house now! Yippee!! And it ook me a while, but if you stick with the glasses, the headaches will go away.