Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Ashley Tales..

If she isn't throwing a fit, waking my up in the night with another "dinosaur nightmare", or being horribly silly, she is terribly boring.
No, not really..  she is NEVER boring.
Yes, she is five, and this is the way five year-olds act, right?
Well, here's a sampling of some of her shenanigans...
She and Lynn were watching Curious George (love that little monkey!) giggling and enjoying one of the rare fight free moments together, when one of their favorite funny parts came up.  After they both laughed together for an extended period of time, Ashley let out a long sigh, turned to Lynn and said, "Rewind that so we can see it again, okay Lynn?"
It was on TV, there was no rewinding, but Lynn was sweet enough to say she couldn't, but wished she could.

Last night was my first full night's sleep in the last few days.  Ashley, for some reason, has been having awful dreams about dinosaurs of all things.
No, we haven't been watching Jurassic Park as a calming bedtime flick..
One of the first nights that I can recall, she cam into my room quite panicked.
"SOMETHING is in the house mom!"
Of course, there was really nothing out of the ordinary in the house, but she was convinced that something was in the house.
She insisted on sleeping with me, but all available spots were already occupied.  Peyton had walked into my room, and that, I do not remember all of.  Ashley ended-up sleeping in a thrown together bed next to me on the floor.  I fell asleep, off and on, woken by her whimpering and totally ridiculous imagined fears. 
At one point, I remember she insisted that the door, which was opened to just a crack, be shut all the way, because SOMETHING was trying to push it open the rest of the way.. 
At one point, she woke me up, telling me there was SOMETHING pacing outside my now shut bedroom door.
"See!!!  There is a shadow..  (gasp!)"
Much more transpired that night/early morning, and it wasn't clarified until the following morning.
Apparently, she had a "nightmare" about a dinosaur that was living in our backyard.  She went out there to play, and the dinosaur was there, looking at her.  She hid behind the picnic table, but the dinosaur kept looking at her.
Isn't it horrifying?
I couldn't help but laugh, the look on her face was so intense..  she has developed an issue with us looking at her while she is eating..
But a dinosaur, looking at her?..  Yeah..  I would have woken my mom up too..  okay, so maybe at that age I would have..  I shouldn't be so put out.

Lynn came home from school a while ago, telling me the exact definition of a "french kiss".  It all started with her telling me about a boy in her class who claims he is going to kiss her when they get to second grade.  She said, "I hope it isn't a french kiss.."
Now THAT is frightening.
Frightening because I don't like the thought of my children growing up, nor do I like the thought of them and boys just yet..  and Merrill doesn't like any of it because it just means that he is getting older.  :)
So talk about "french kissing" has been rampant in our house, to our dismay and despite our protests.
The blame for the introductory source fell on Lynn's friend, Hannah, who we have decided is the "Fitz" of the neighborhood..  poor girl.  (We know it's not you Hannah!!)
At dinner last night, it got brought up once again. 
We convinced the girls that they are not to do that, until they are at least 30.
Lynn asked a follow-up question: "What will happen if we do?"
Quick on my feet, as always, I replied, "How do you think you got here?"
That sufficed.
She has a fear of childbirth "because it will hurt, and they might have to cut them out like Ash had to get cut out.."
She has agreed to not participate in that kind of activity.
Ashley on the other hand..
"I have french kissed!"
Alarms went off..
"WHO?  WHERE??  WHEN?!?"
"Myself..."  She giggles..
"I touched my tongue with my own tongue..  inside my mouth!"
More giggles.
She is going to be the one who gives me gray hair... 
Her pre-school has been cancelled through next week due to her teacher getting the "Oink Fever"..  so I get some fun days ahead with her! :D


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love it! Your girls are adorable!
i laughed out loud with "french kiss"

Julie said...

At least things are never dull with Ash around.

Jamie said...

I notice my kids get nightmares more around Halloween time, so hopefully it will be getting better once all halloween decorations come down :) I'm scared that Lynn is talking about kissing... does that mean Oakley is too? At least your daughter is talking to you about it!

Ally's Corner said...

Oh I so wish Alana and Ashley could play it would be so fun to watch!.
Your nightmare story reminded me about Phil's friend in AZ wanting to invent a monster go away toy, wonder if he would make a lot of money if he did?
Talking about french kissing. How about having to talk to a 9 year about how babies are really made had to do that last month and today after I have put her off for a long time of asking I finally had to tell her what "Gay" really meant. I told her lets not talk about anything else until you are 14, LOL.