Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Prayers

The other night Merrill was working the evening shift which left me to have family prayers with the girls.  We normally take turns saying the evening family prayer, leaving meals to the girls, they usually have their own private prayers after everyone has gone to their own bedrooms.  Some nights, they each have their own turn saying a prayer with us all together.  I like it, it helps us to hear what is important to each other as we look back on our day, express love and gratitude, pray for each other.

Peyton has been on a kick where she is not interested in praying.  She’ll say she wants to, then won’t say anything.  (Maybe she gets that from Ash?)  So Thursday night, when she wanted to pray, I expected nothing more.  Then she said the sweetest prayer, just a re-cap of the days events, telling Heavenly Father what she had done, her own version of the highlights.  Pretty sweet.

Ashley went next.  Her prayers usually consist of an opening, a “thank thee for this day” and a “bless that we can be nice to our sisters”.  That’s it.  This night, she said a lot more, which pleased me to no end.  I told her how thankful I was to hear her prayer, and how happy that makes our Heavenly Father, when we just talk to Him.  She was pretty proud of herself.

Lynn was last, and by far the sweetest, asking that we “let our light shine” and praying that Merrill would be able to sleep in the next morning, and even more, that they would “be good, not mess around and be quiet” so that he could sleep.  Too cute.

I was thankful that it was just us, that I was able to hear in their prayers what was important to them.  Pretty tender.


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love the tender hearts of children! and at the risk of being some what cheesy, can I just say that I love reading your blog?? I really do look forward to your posts! ;)

Ally's Corner said...

This post just shows that you are a great mom wish there were more like you!!!