Saturday, August 28, 2010

Because I am like that.

You’d think the day before school starts, I would be out, doing something crazy-fun with the kiddos, relishing every last moment of summer…

Not I.

The way I cope with things that are stressful/not so pleasant, is to take on some too large project for the free time allotted in my life.

That is why this year, the day before school started, I was re-organizing Lynn’s room.

I took EVERYTHING off the walls, patched and touched-up the paint.

(I wasn’t crazy enough to paint it a new color like I really wanted to.)

The neutral color needed to be matched, Home Depot was awesome at that.

(But it is boring, and I REALLY wanted to paint it a pale pink.)

Lynn was so excited for her room make-over, but a little disappointed there would be no pink going on her walls.

(Yet.  I am not crazy..  I WILL do it LATER..)

room re-do

It was pretty much decided in my head that we would be getting her these shelves from IKEA.  Just like mine in the craft room.  I love them so much!  And they have dropped in price. :)

We already had the bins.  It is nice that this stuff is all off the floor.

room re-do2

This just got re arranged a little.

room re-do3 room re-do4

Love this…

room re-do5 room re-do6 room re-do7

Some things in her room are old, some are new, some are just re-arranged.  Her room is organized better and she has more space!

So even in my craziness, I think it is a great way to start off a new year of school.


Rachael said...

Totally cute!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love her room! I love how creative you are!

BookwormMom said...

Will you come decorate and organize my house?

Ally's Corner said...

Don't you just love those shelves with the bins. Helped so much in Alana's room. Love all the L's so cute!!!!
Too bad we don't live close Phil could some and paint that room for you in no time and for a great price....

Brooke said...

cute stuff... I need to get Evan's room put together... Poor kid all he has in his room is his bed... seriously...

Bonnie said...

Looks so awesome!

Promise said...

So cute! I love those shelves/cubbies!