Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day (gulp).

Even though she has been excited for second grade (!!!), I wasn’t quite ready to let go of summer. 

Unless she was teasing one of her younger sisters, then I was a little excited.

So to you Lynnie-Lou-Hoo…

I don’t know which was cuter: you singing in the shower last night at the top of your lungs, “I’m gonna be a seeconnnndd graaaaderrrr tomorrrrrrowwwwww!!” or the sweet hug you and dad shared after your back to school father’s blessing.

Or this:

first day too(4)

Or this:

first day too(5)

(You were very specific as to how you wanted your backpack personalized..)

Or your excitement at seeing old friends.

1st day too

I am going to miss seeing this grin all day..  will have to settle for the few I get before 8 am, and the far too many I get while you are silly doing your homework.

1st day 

Or did I love it a little TOO much when you were VERY done with my mammarazzi ways taking pictures?

 first day too(3)

I know you will be a great friend to all you meet this year.  I know you will have a great time, and hope you enjoy all the notes I slip into your lunch (and hope they don’t embarrass you too much).

I hope you grasp all that you are taught, and I hope you find excitement in everything you learn.

(Between you and me, I hope you do far better at math than I was ever able to!)

first day too(2)

Know that every day when you leave, I will be there, waiting for you.

aug 25

Love you Lynnie-Lou-Hoo, my seeconnnndd graaaaderrrr!


BookwormMom said...

{{ Cry }}

It only gets harder...

Rachael said...

:(.. I can't get over that last picture of her on the cross walk.

Ally's Corner said...

Oh so sweet. Wait until they all are gone and you are a lone. It's so sad!!!!

Janet said...

Made me cry...

anniebobannie said...

Happy First Day Lynn!!!

MissMel said...

I'm sending my Sugar Princess off to 2nd grade too this year. Thanks for sharing your great photos. Made me all teary.....

MEK said...

Oh my she is in second grade. I remember the day she was born. POOR you mama! Hope you are not feeling too old!

Courtney said...

LOVE what you did to her backpack. My girls are excited for me to do something like to that theirs. :-) Always an inspiration!