Thursday, May 12, 2011

Remember these kids?

Maylee and Jaxon…
I took their pictures as wee little cuties (see here, here, and here..) and got to take their, get this, 6 month pictures yesterday.
6 months!?!
Turns out other people’s kids seem to grow up too.
(Sad fact, I know.)
But they sure were fun..  squealing (Maylee), followed by crying (Jaxon, poor guy!), and kissing (Maylee again!), with lots of smiles and two very cooperative babies was a lot of fun.
maylee&jax_03_vivid  maylee&jax_09_b&w maylee&jax_10_vintage maylee&jax_07_vintage_burn
Jax was a trooper, well, because, let’s face it, he put up with Maylee and all of her spunk..
jax_02_vintage burn jax_07_b&w
Maylee was especially a trooper.  She thought she was so done..  she was ready for a nap and then I got this brilliant idea to slap a ruffly bum cover over that diaper, set her in my newest (new to me at least) chair, and snap some sweet pics of her (and her rolls).
maylee_03_old maylee_09_b&w maylee_13_b&w
She so put up with me in a fantastic way!
Now you may insert your own comment on the level of my baby hunger now…


anniebobannie said...

Third from the bottom is my FAVORITE!!! THey are adorable!

Janet said...

About a 250 on a scale of 1 to 10.