Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hello again.

so it’s been a while.

how are you?

good.  good.

whelp, we’ve been busy.  we’ve been thoroughly enjoying summer, trying to live as distraction free as possible.  but, I have been making a mental list of things to note here.  and in some cases, I even have pictures!

- merrill loved his father’s day gift.

june 028

he also got a hammock, and that my friends, is a story itself.

(let us just say it doesn’t take as long to put together as it states in the instructions, when you have 3 adults and 3 kiddos.)

- lynn, ashley, and peyton, are amazing at their tumbling classes.

- ashley will not answer to “ash”.  she will either correct you, or follow up your “ash” by adding “lee”, or ignore you altogether.  oh, and a dirty look will  most likely accompany any of those options.

- I painted our room.  I also sewed curtains.  I even hung them.  no, there are not any pictures.


- I have been loving zumba.

(I am sure I am quite entertaining to watch.  sadly, I have no pictures of this to share with you.)

- we went camping for a week.  it was what heaven will be like, I am sure.

july 029july 048july 066

have you ever slept with a screech owl around?  neither have i.  they are loud.

july 076july 122

who’s kid is she?!

july 175

we were unable to have campfires with the dry conditions but you know us, we mad the best of it.

- we have been swimming, a lot.

- we have visited the dam, and told “dam jokes” on our way there a few times too.

(what is a “dam joke” you ask?  well, here’s a dam joke for ya:  what did the fish say when it swam into the other fish?  “dam fish!”)

(I know..  you are laughing so hard it is painful.)

july 220july 315 july 317july 269

- merrill has been crazy busy at the hotel.

- we have set a record for number of popsicles eaten.  that record will surely be broken before the summer’s end.

- we had a couple of tenants we didn’t know about in our basement come out.

july 012

(no, they are not “bad” spiders.  just giant house spiders.)

(yes, we are all still alive, the spiders, not so much.)

- we visited “this is the place” a few times before our pass was up.

june 093june 104june 254june 259

(why this picture you ask?  why, this is what I dream to have my kitchen counter look like.  that is why.)

- we had a lagoon day thanks to our sister-in-law britney.

- we almost died (according to ashley) when we jumped on our trampoline during a lightening storm.

(all 5 of us on an 8 foot round trampoline, touching the ground..  pretty sure the manufacturer would not be happy about all those rules being broken.)

- we have even seen a couple of movies, IN A THEATER!! 

(that is not common for us homebodies.)

- we introduced the girls to slurpees.  we are awful parents in that we didn’t do it sooner.

- I had a project launch in jessica sprague’s “project plaza”.  kind of exciting!

PPlazaPreview copy

- have been reading like crazy!!  I have lost count of how many books I have read, but can tell you that my two favorites are:

“these is my words”


“the book thief”

(you are welcome.)

- we have also been trying to keep our yard alive-ish during our very dry summer. 

(that is not so fun.)

but my biggest accomplishment of the summer was earning tan lines in this pattern:

july 169

(I know, I know..  you are jealous and all.)

that is just a small sampling.  I didn’t want to bore you to death on your first visit back and all.


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Wow, it looks like you had a blast! What a fun summer. :)

We gave up on keeping our lawn alive. We're just calling ourselves "drought conscious" when we're really just lazy and forgetful. lol.

Ally's Corner said...

What a great summer you are having.

Jocelyn said...

Oh my gosh... I have been missing your awesome photog skills for like forever!!!! But you made up for by having lots of photo overload today:-) So is Zumba going? I was thinking of trying it...for the WII though...I'm not brave enough to go the Y for it:-)

Missy said...

Awesome summer! I heard I need to read These is my words. Now I must!

Carrie said...

These is My Words is one of my favorite books of all time!!

mandi said...

Add me to the list of These is My Words fans. I just finished The Night Circus last night. I liked it a lot too. I haven't read The Book Thief yet. It's on the list.

Becky P. said...

Fun! Your top shot of Father's day is one of the most adorable shots I have ever seen. I too love These is My Words (thank you for the recommendation on Facebook!) The scene in church where the kids are all wiggly and Jack is poking and teasing Sarah? That is so my life.

I picked up The Book Thief from the library this week and am excited for the read. Thanks in advance. ;)

p.s. I'm so glad you did not die by trampoline collapse or lightning.