Thursday, June 23, 2011

sometimes, all you need is a sucker.

last week, i got to hold another baby, inhale his sweet baby scent.
(i also took pictures of him between whiffs..)    bushman_11_vintage_burnbushman_08_vintage_burn
then there were his siblings…
bushman_01_vintage bushman_13_vintagebushman_20_b&w  
but nothing compared to his older brother who just cracks me up!
he wasn’t exactly loving this whole process of me shoving a camera in his face, trying to make him smile, etc., but a sucker, or his brand new baby brother in his arms, managed to coax smiles out of him.
bushman_14_vintage_burn    bushman_15_vintage bushman_16_vintage    bushman_17_vintage
gorgeous mom…
now let me indulge you in some pretty sweet feet…
yes, i have a thing for cute feet.
and cute brothers..
i will have to post more on this chalkboard later.  best. prop. ever.

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