Thursday, June 23, 2011


i met danielle when i worked at sears.

we had way too much fun.

she and her husband were sealed in the draper utah lds temple.

we were blessed with some awesome weather.

(i even got to take my mom along.  we went to ikea after.  it was a great day for many reasons.)

danielle & curt 43_softly

danielle & curt 07_burn danielle & curt 08_b&w danielle & curt 11_softlydanielle & curt 46_b&w danielle & curt 12_b&w  danielle & curt 20_softlydanielle & curt 18_softly  danielle & curt 25_softly danielle & curt 24_softly

curt was such a hoot.. 

i caught a few like this:

danielle & curt 29_softly danielle & curt 30_softly

then there was the request: “i would like one..  of me..  on mah belly..  in the grass.”

danielle & curt 32_softly   danielle & curt 33_b&wdanielle & curt 41_burndanielle & curt 40_softlysuch a special day!  thanks for letting me be part of it.  

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kdance10 said...

Oh mindy these are so good, you did such a great job. Danielle is one of my neighborhood friends from childhood. What a neat day!!!