Tuesday, June 14, 2011

here’s your friendly reminder..


it starts today, the whole store is one sale and those classes…  those self-paced classes!!!  buy them up now, at 20% off, who can say no?  too busy to do them now?  do them later, that is why they are self-paced!!

my most favorite aspect about jessica’s classes are that the information is yours FOREVER. 

so say you take this one “photo editing” class, you love it, and when you go to use some of your newly acquired skills, you forget one step.  you think you know what it is, but you aren’t sure..

you can go back, access your class information, read it again, or watch the video..

it is still there for you.

forever and ever and ever.


can’t tell you how many times i have gone back to the MNAY classes i have taken there to re-fresh this old brain of mine.

(i blame it on the lasting effects of having a placenta (or three) that once resided in my uterus and sucked all functioning brain cells from my noggin.

(just a theory, mind you.)

so you go there, i probably will too, and have a good day!

(now i am off to get my chores done so i really can play.  it feels like a hybrid day today.)

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