Friday, June 10, 2011

that baby….

this is cameron.

the baby that might just have ruined me for every other baby i will photograph.  he was so chill!!  he didn’t want to sleep.  didn’t want to fuss.  just wanted to lay back and look, right at my lens.  what a sweetie.

i must also confess, i “thought” about the composure of each and every new shot just a little longer than i really needed to, just so i could hold him and smell him…

he was too sweet.

draper_001_vintage burn draper_002_b&w draper_003_b&w draper_004_b&w draper_007_vintage burn  draper_012_vintage_ burn draper_014_vintage burn draper_020_old draper_023_b&w   draper_009_b&wdraper_024_vintage burn   draper_025_b&w draper_028_old draper_030_burn


anniebobannie said...

I of course LOVE them!!! You are so amazing! Thanks for doing that too! We need to get together soon.

Janet said...

Darling pictures of a darling baby. How fun for you.