Friday, June 3, 2011

life in full swing.

summer is in full swing at my house and i am enjoying every minute of it.

i have been taking pictures of many fun things, and i get hung up, not wanting to “waste” time on editing them to post.  i will have to get over that soon cause they are too cute to not share..

i have to say that my most favorite part of summer is having all my kids home.  just having everyone around is heaven and i have to admit, i try to dissuade them from wanting to go play at their friends houses.  i just love having everyone here!!

besides that, i have to tell you of a funny.

merrill and i like to torture one another. 

i don’t like clowns.  he tries to get me to look at them.  the other night, it was a special clown pick on “american pickers”.  seriously?  i should insert the link to the article that was recently in the paper about coulrophobia.  people, it’s real.  1 in 10 people are afraid of clowns.  you just don’t hear about it because we don’t seek out therapy, we just avoid the circus.  merrill thinks it’s funny.

but there are things that he doesn’t find as funny.

like doctors.  needles.  insurance.

so i decided to get him back.  a couple of days later, as i was getting ready for bed, i told him in great detail about my doctor’s appointment that was coming up.

you know..  MY doctor.

so fun.

anything doctor related makes him squirm, so when i start to divulge details about latex gloves, long q-tip thingies, ky and the sort, he squirms.

it’s fantastic.

but let me tell you..  my insurance company has been calling, sending letters, telling my that my ob/gyn “misses me”.  yeah right.

(i guess that i shouldn’t have let it go for three years.  whoops.)

i am sure that all three obs who have explored my reproductive areas have been doing math, calculating how long it has been since they have seen me or my cervix. 

(read that above statement with a heavy sarcastic tone will ya?)

doubt they miss the “v” that much.

now as i am trying so hard to be ladylike about this, it is also a sore spot emotionally.  i won’t get into it now mostly because i am in my happy place..  and because i have my eye makeup intact..  but i will say i cried.  something about checking a box that says, “my family is complete” is just a little heart-wrenching.  

but i am not sure how much worse chillin’ with a clown would be.


BookwormMom said...

If you ever want some surplus medical supplies to torture him with, let me know and I will see what I can acquire!

anniebobannie said...

You are so funny! I know a way your doctor won't miss you so much! Any sucess wearing Merrill down? Love you so and miss you!

Ally's Corner said...

You crack me up!!!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I am one of those who also hates clowns! They are very creepy. And I know how hard that choice is, to decide if your family is done. I look at my little guy and it makes me sad to know I won't have another baby. If you need a shoulder, you can use mine! Love you!!