Monday, June 13, 2011

summer hiking habit.

we are trying to establish some new summertime habits around here.  one is to hike.  so far, it is lovely.

the girls can’t wait for the next hike.

we started this day off at the 22nd street trail head.  for any one who is local, or who wants to be, these trails are fantastic!  they are not difficult in any way.  we had six kids, ages 8 (almost 9) to 1 and they all walked most of it.  these trails are wide, clear, and not steep.  they are also away from water (right now that is a good thing, a very good thing considering how much water we have right now..).  the trails also loop around and intersect so even when the kids went ahead a little, they were led right back to us.

hike 001

ashley earned a new nickname: ashley butt-dragger pitcher.  my mom told me to think of a nicer way to say it, but it is what it is..

she liked to slide down some of the hills.

hike 009 hike 012 hike 024  hike 039

then there were the many flowers…

hike 027

and cute kids..

hike 052 hike 053 hike 048hike 055 

abby (my niece) liked me every so often..

 hike 060

then she would make faces at me…

hike 061 hike 067

there is just a touch of yellow on lynn’s nose.  she likes the flowers too. :)

hike 069 hike 071

there were dandelions nearly as tall as peyton!!

hike 076

see!!  talk about making our wishes more accessible.

hike 094 hike 096 hike 059hike 099 hike 103  

i wasn’t the only one who liked to stop and look at the flowers though…

hike 119 

ash found herself a sturdy walking stick.  she was sad to leave it behind, but i am sure it will help someone else out.

hike 112

then there was the exciting part.. 

my oldest brother (abby’s dad) is a crazy (well not so crazy since he became a dad) biker.  he and his family are used to this area because they come biking here frequently.  and jumping here.  there are jumps they have built and love.  we didn’t have bikes, but the boys wanted to show grandma where the jumps were anyway, and she suggested they pretend like they had bikes.  the kids had a blast.

hike 127  hike 130 hike 133 hike 128

and then right after her last jump, lynn biffed it good.

i think she was trying to be like uncle ken.

hike 135 

she is feeling much better.  amazingly didn’t pass out on the spot at the sight of her own blood (even the little bit of blood from loosing a tooth will cause her that much stress) and she is looking forward to our next adventure.

i am so happy that this is my back yard..

hike 110


Jocelyn said...

ok, that is the most awesomest backyard E.V.E.R.!!!! What an absolutely fun way to spend a beautiful summer day!!! I can totally see my 2 younger ones being butt sliders too;-)

Janet said...

I love that we have pictures to remind us of this wonderful day!

BookwormMom said...

I am sooooooo glad you posted this both here and on Facebook. I'm dying to take my kids....

Promise said...

loved this post Mind! That was such a fun day! I liked our last hike too (I can say that almost a week later)...and I am looking forward to our next adventure! Thanks for taking such cute pics of my fam too! :) I am proud to be Crazy Kenny's wife! hehehe

Lady_E said...

ow..i adore the view of this place;) wish i could come here one day..a good place to hike too! :)