Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the night i got sick of marshmallows but quickly recovered.

one may evening, our fantastic neighbors invited us over for s’mores.  they also invited us to play in their bounce house, but some of us are too big, i guess.
it was a fun evening..
may 002
and then them s’mores were started..
may 032
now these weren’t just your ordinary, normal campfire, run of the mill marshmallows.  uh-uh.  my dear friend knows me.  she bought the gi-hugant guys.
may 033 may 035
and i think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed them.
 may 041 may 047 may 048 may 051
a picture cannot lie, it got a bit messy.  but it was the kind of messy that was delicious.
may 053
peyton loved it.  she calls it camping, and she asks when we are going to go “camping” again.
may 057
i will not (but really cannot) tell you how many of these i ate, or how many of those giant marshmallows i ate.  roasted or not.
may 065
see, this is my best friend that i love so dearly..  and not just because she bought giant marshmallows and invited us over to eat them..
may 068
i busted out some of the leftover easter stash.  that’s right, we roasted peeps.  they were hot.  delicious and hot.  the sugar on the outside becomes this caramelized sugar coating, that is hot (have i already said that these were hot?) and the insides are all mooshy.
their eyes strangely disappeared…
(or maybe it wasn’t strange being as they were chocolate!)
may 085
it was officially the best kick-off to summer ever!
(and the girls thoroughly enjoyed their bubble bath in our tub.)
(we had to wash off that campfire smell.)
(i was not going to wash the sheets again that week.)
and that is how i developed a temporary aversion to all things marshmallow.  i was back to eating my marshmallow creme by the spoonful within the next 24 hours.
all is well.


andreaandcompany said...

Oh wow... I think I am going to the store today for more yummyness to roast over the fire!

Jocelyn said...

Ok, I saw those in Walmart and wondered about the awesomeness of smores with them. Now I am sold on it!!!! Can't wait for the next bonfire here:-) LOL to the spoonfuls of marshmallow creme...I have been know to dip in occasionally!