Wednesday, June 15, 2011

making the most of it.

summer, that is.  it might not “officially” be summer, yet, but we are making the most of this time.

some of the things we have done…

enjoyed a popsicle or two:



(with many more planned.)

hike 012


june 019 june 020

well, some of us at least, the ones who aren’t skeptical of the water temperature..

june 034

bounced around, either by bounce house or by trampoline…

may 002

(and then you should stuff a teddy-bear down the front of your swimsuit and pretend to be expecting for it to amount to real fun..”

june 012

a first trip to the library, hoping we can stay on schedule and go every week.  this last time we checked-out “tales of a fourth grade nothing” and the girls love it!  we read a chapter every day and fudge never fails to make us laugh.

may-june 052

grandpa pitcher brought us the first corn of the season:

may-june 036

(we did have more to eat than just corn.  ashely clearly saved the best for last!)


may 057

most of these activities are followed by sleep of some sort.  sleep either being bedtime, or a good nap.  so good, there is drool involved.

 may 101

can’t wait to see what else is in store…


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

your summer looks amazing and it just started! I have only taken my kids to a few things..I've been slacking! Happy SUMMER!

Heather Landry said...

I am over here cracking up at the arrow pointing to the drool! ROFLOL

You guys have been busier than we have been. I love all of your photos! Particularly the pool ring ones. Great perspective.

anniebobannie said...

Looks like fun!!! You are making some fun memories!

Rachael said...

Isn't that just what summer is all about, making memories.

Peyton's expression is awesome.

Janet said...

Love this post!

B said...

What a fun summer post! Good pick me up for a sleepy day!