Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I LOVE YouTube!!

Sounds off the wall crazy for a craft blog, eh?
But when I was having trouble loading some new layers, the directions weren't matching up with my layout of PSE.
My sweet sister-in-law suggested YouTube..
"I learned how to crochet from watching YouTube!!"
Hey, I used it to help me cast-off on a knitting project (it had been a while since I'd last done it!), but never considered it for computer stuff..
Well, the brown glittery layer is my joy now, thanks to YouTube.. oh, and you too, Brooke! :)


Six-Pack Momma said...

Yay! I'm glad you got it to work...no thanks to me! :) Those aren't qickpages or templates you are using...you are one fast learner!

Aartee said...

the brown glitter looks awesome! You are tempting me big time to switch over to digi!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

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