Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Some fun happenings around here today..
Merrill took the day off.. we worked side by side n the yard all day. We had a good long talk.
I love him!!!
I got this "speshl" gift and note from Lynn, when I needed it most..Love her notes!
Ash was soooo excited about spelling her name.. (love how the "E" is backward :D)(We are living in swimsuits around here..)
She's too cute!
These two...Sometimes they take my breath away with the love they have for each other.
Now do you think the cat fights will end? ;)
SOFTBALL!!!!It was fun.. I have a lot of nerves about it. The last time I really played was.. 14 years ago?! I was a little rusty, a little intimidated.
My little bro was AWESOME! He sacrificed his boy many times :)
So did I..This is my hand (more like my thumb..) after it helped me stop a ball.. playing in-field, co-ed, is a little more intimidating than I had imagined.. you might have to see it in person to get the whole effect. I did get a major "Oohhhh!" from the opposing team's dugout when that slap was heard :)
Still pumped!!
We went for Zeppe's gealto afterward.. yummmmmmy.. Peyton especially loved it! Can't wait to got to one when it opens here!
I also got a large box in the mail today..
Sheets (some which will go into a new quilt..) for a to-be decorated room to celebrate a little girl who's being more and more of a big girl these days...


Brooke said...

you can tell i had no makeup on all day, was hot, and got a little sun... thanks for playing with me!

Brooke said...

i meant to write too that the picture of your thumbs looks nothing like it does for real... let me know how it feels tomorrow! :)

Rachael said...

Go... Ashley, at least she looks dang cute in your swim suit! Me on the other hand, not so much yet. We need more ward Yoga nights.

Emalee said...

Oh I need new sheets my hubby hates them and wished they were our old million count sheets instead of wal~mart cheap!!!