Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hotter than...

This was what I was trying to decide last night.. I know I will be eating my words come mid July when it really is quite unbearable at 113..
What was my house hotter than? I can think of a few things...
Nobody was getting any sleep.. well, Merrill was, Peyton was between her tosses and turns. But Lynn, Ash, and myself, up. Hot and uncomfortable.
The girls did end up going to sleep, after I gave them each a gallon-sized Ziploc freezer bag filled with ice :)
I hinted to Merrill all day how hot the house was, and he teased back about how the temps were supposed to drop again to mid 70s the middle of the week.. those thoughts do not help to cool me down at night.
We had FHE and needless to say, we are worried about Ash.. she let go of the "Iron Rod" (me) when "Satan" (Merrill) tempted her first, with a piece of bubble gum, and then with a Hannah Montana concert featuring the Jonas Brothers as her opening act.. oh, Ashley..
We enjoyed our treat... which was in the freezer..
But Merrill stayed in his suit.
No swamper tonight.
As we were all trying to settle down to sleep, he kept apologizing.
"I should have done it."
I can't blame him. I am dreading the yearly event myself..
1- Will the bathroom doorway rain?
B- Or will Peyton's light fixture turn into a sprinkler again?
III- That clean-up of all the dust and dirt that settles in the air duct, then blows all over the house really sucks to clean up.
I even stayed up watching "Paranormal State" trying to catch a chill ;)
Lack of sleep isn't the only side-effect of this blessed heat.. cat fights (rrreearrr!!!).. the girls just can't seem to get along on anything.
So today, I have an appointment with Merrill, not wearing a suit, at 4 pm, to hook up the swamper.. now I just hope there aren't any thunderstorms a brewing for the appointed time, or one of those lovely splits in the copper tubing that runs through the attic that we have had the pleasure of dealing with for two years running now. While I love a good storm, or rainstorm on the top floor of my house, I don't love either more than a good night's sleep!
So today, we have retreated to the basement.. it's cool down here for more than one reason ;)


Natalie said...

Don't you have like a BILLION air condition sleeping rooms nearby? Take advantage of the suit sister!! ha ha ha

Rachael said...

Sheesh... and I thought we had it bad over the last two years. I agree you should totally take ad advantage. Ask the manager if there is a room ("cool" storage room, or empty "cool" closet) you could take over from time to time.

Emalee said...

We hooked ours up the other day! it was so hot, I remember the second summer we lived her I work overnights at walmart and the swamp cooler was broken. We had to get a new one. I went 2 weeks with hardly any sleep! ugh...that was horrible. hope you don' live in the heat too long!!!