Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love to See the Temple...

Yesterday morning, we got up and dressed in our Sunday best to go to the temple for our Primary activity.I am so homesick for Primary, so I was more than happy to be there, with those kids and leaders again!Lynn was quite disappointed when I told her that we most likely wouldn't be entering the temple. But trying to explain the reasons "why" to my six year-old weren't going to stop her bad attitude.. and the unattractive face that comes with it. Telling her that we would soon attend the open house for another new temple in the area, didn't soothe her either.
So she was stoked when the security guard who was acting as tour guide announced, "Let's go across the street and go inside the temple."
She was ecstatic!! "I told you so!" she said triumphantly.
Not what she thought.. it was only the visitor's area, right inside the doors.
She watched, vigilantly, for an opportunity to sneak through the next set of doors, to somehow get "inside" the temple..
I hope the fountains made up for it :)
We also went to the DUP Pioneer museum.. I have got to go back there!! I haven't been since I was little, and I could look at every object, every name.. there was some cool stuff there!
Depiction of "Battle of the Bulls", Joseph Levi Fifield (my fifth great-grandfather), was involved in. The Battalion were blessed before they departed, by Brigham Young, that they would not be involved in any conflict with men, if they did what was right. As they got near southern California, they happened upon these wild bulls who attacked. Levi was getting his shotgun ready to fire at one of the charging animals, and it jammed! He kept trying to get it to fire but the Spirit told him to "get down". He did, just as one of the bulls jumped over his head. there were a few injuries, a few killed animals, but no human loss. It was also a blessing as they had not had much meat their whole trip. They loved the fresh beef! (Gerald Lund used this story in "The Work and the Glory" novel, but adapted it to be another character.)

A pioneer handcart. It was found in Iowa (if I remember correctly..) and sat in some one's garage for a long while. They donated it to DUP (grandma was a DUP.) to display here. Can you imagine loading this, 15 pounds per person, full and trekking across the country?!

With tomorrow's FHE lesson being on the temple, and this trip yesterday, I think the girls will be more than excited to go to the open house. I can't wait to take them.. I know that I cry over EVERYTHING, but I cry just at the thought of showing them this magnificent place!! To show them the beauty, to feel the Spirit, and to know that, one day, I will be there with them again. What a blessing to have so many temples so close to us, to have the knowledge, and to be able to teach our children and to take them there!


Julie said...

I'm so glad you were able to come with us. It was great having you there!

Ally0005 said...

I wonder if my friend Carrie was up that way also. She is in Utah this week. Once she comes home she will be going on a pioneer trip with her ward.

Platt Family said...

What a fun primary activity. I have to say now I know why you have all girls, they are always dressed so darling! You are such a great mom!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love how our children can feel how special the temples are. My favorite has been when sariah and her friends were in the back seat of my car and we were driving into town and they saw the temple and all three of them started singing 'I love to see the temple'. I think these children remind us daily why it is so important to have a testimony!