Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An apple a day..

Can I just say that Katie Pertiet is the bomb!!!
I have been loving her stuff and Mindy (love the name too ;)!!) Terasawa's creations.
Go here to find them..
Love this new barcode font too... may not be "new", but is new to me!
So I still have the give away from February to mail out (I know, GASP!!)... sorry Bree!!
I just can't help myself..
I got PhotoShop and just keep on making it cuter... over and over and over again..
I promise, I have some bonus goodies to make up for it's tardiness, hopefully they make up for it :)


Aartee said...

ok so maybe I need to go digi...but what to do with all the paper supplies I have??

Rachael said...

That is WAY adorable!

Rachael said...

I have to say this, cause I'm not sure anyone has said it yet... But I have heard: Once you go digital you never go back.

BEWARE... or just BE AWARE...

Natalie said...

How did you learn Photoshop so fast? You are awesome girl!! So impressed!

Bree said...

That barcode font is so cute! Haven't seen it before! I have dabbled in digital scrapbooking- and do think its the way to go! I am about zazillion photos behind though and havent scraped in over a year.. *sigh*

Its ok about the giveaway, I totally understand the busyness!! :) I lose time(days really) in photoshop everyday editing, so I know how it is :)