Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tainted Memories..

It hasn't been the funnest Sunday, I'll quickly admit...
Peyton and Ashley did not sleep well last night, which is directly linked to the groggy state I functioned in the entire day today.
Peyton's so called contribution of crabbiness, non nap taking, and the desire for me to constantly hold her so she could subsequently shove her fingers into her mouth, and then the other hand down my shirt (this is the epitome of comfort to her..), did not help either.
Peyton and I missed church in the interest that other worshipers might possibly enjoy it.
She hasn't been her happiest today.
I have played countless games of Freecell, because I can do that one-handed..
I even got a digital scrapbook page done; that too, is a one-handed task..
Not much time for me to do what I wanted to do to relax today, until...
Everyone, but Peyton of course, slowly drifted upstairs, I found myself in control of the remote.
One of my favorite movies of all time was on.
I have loved "Dirty Dancing" since I was a kid. It was on HBO at my friend's house, my parents didn't know I saw it. Needless to say, I never saw it again, and I didn't quite understand why.. until I saw it as an adult.
So, I was excited to watch it tonight as it was on ABC Family :)
I was having fond memories, remembering the Christmas I got the soundtrack (on tape, and I now own it on CD) and the poster of Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle. He lived on the back of my bedroom door for years and was moved to the wall only when I discovered New Kids On The Block, and got a 6 foot tall door poster.
He is still so hot!
Lynn came downstairs just in time for the closing dance number and song.
I was rather enjoying my little reverie, when she suddenly piped-up: "Hey! I remember this!! This is from 'Family Guy'.. remember that old guy sings this song?"
I had started out chuckling at her perception that this was from "Family Guy", and ended-up laughing so hard that I was crying, visualizing Herbert singing, "The Time of My Life" while Storm Troopers danced...
Now my sweet memories are tainted. ;)


Emalee said...

OH I LOVE this movie!!! I watched a couple of weeks ago.....ahhhh

Nye Family said...

You know, I of course LOVE "Dirty Dancing". My mom had bought the Ultimate Edition for me, a couple of years before she passed. Her and I loved to watch it.

Also, about the NKOTB poster....oh I so remember seeing that on the back of your door. Those were the good ol days :-)