Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun night out..

First and foremost: Happy Birthday Jen!!
I really did have a fun night out.. good food, good friends.. mmmm dessert.. fun..
Most definitely, until I arrived home.
Chaos greeted me at the door.
I was reassured, quite immediately, that my choice in locking my craft room door was indeed the correct one..
It was the ONLY room in my house that didn't require my immediate attention.
There is something about lemonade, cleaned-up half-heartedly (or by a 6 and 4 year old) and sprinkles, distributed throughout the top floor (comprising the kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, and a bathroom.. oh and the hallway, conveyance to previously listed rooms..) of my humble abode, that stick to the feet :)
I, personally, find it awfully annoying.
Even Peyton would stop, mid stride, to sit down, and brush the small, yet very colorful, annoyances off the bottoms of her feet.
It's all vacuumed.
Thank heavens for the Dyson.. I had to empty the canister twice!! What would I have done if I still had the annoying non-sucker kicking it around these parts?
Now, the floor needs to be mopped.. there's still the lemonade, or should I call it "lemonade residue", to deal with.

*NOTE: There is no finger pointing at the "designated responsible adult" (Dad) here.. the poor guy got called into work last night at midnight.. worked till nearly two, and then tried to sleep at work, only to come home to shower, and be back at 9 am.. he's pooped, not negligent :)**


Ally0005 said...

Let me know what you use to get lemonade residue off your kitchen floor. When this happens I have to mop a million times before it’s not sticky any more.

Mindy said...

I like to take my gallon sized pitcher, put a little dishsoap in it, fill it with HOT water, and pour it where ever there is sticky. Then I get on my hands and knees, and with my crappy towels, mop it all up. i have never had a problem with residue that way.. now when I mop, I do... :)