Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A family with style..

I have proof.
It all began this morning, as Ashley got ready for the day. She could not find the mate to her beloved Hello Kitty crocs. So she decided to find the lonesome Kitty a mate..The destined mate was a glittery hot pink canvas slip-on..
As I tried to convince her that the two did not match, she argued the point well.
Her concluding point, "They are both pink..."
So off we went, to run our errands.
We went first to Sam's Club.
Ashley would fit right in there ;)
After we hunted down the items on our list there (and some items not on our list..), we went to get gasoline.
As I pulled up to a pump not already occupied, I noticed an older woman (note how I do not say old, as she was close to my own mother's age, and my mother IS NOT OLD.) who was in the process of filling her vehicle with the fuel while conversing on her cell phone.
Never mind the stickers posted on the pumps themselves, and the various warnings scattered around the vicinity, she was chatting away. I found this funny, even more when I noticed the attendant making his way to the rule-breaker.
As I got out of my car, he was right behind my car, and he greeted me.
"Hello there ma'am (I hate being ma'am-ed!!!).. those aren't for eating, you know."
Membership card in my teeth (pockets and wallets are overrated) I patted my pockets, trying to look like I forgot something.
"I feel like I've forgotten something.. I think I forgot my electronically charged cell phone so I can make a call while I am conveniently pumping flammable gasoline into my vehicle.."
He looked at me. So serious. Then at the other lady, and then another. Ha! There was another rule-breaker?! Then he looked back at me. He understood my joke. Then he smiled.
"Some people.."
He went to the first woman and kindly told her she needed to put it away. She contested, but eventually put it away.
Then he went to the second woman, who didn't give him the same attitude vocally, but otherwise. He came back to where I was.
"They really have to ask me why? Like I put all of these stickers up for my own enjoyment? Like I just made it up?!"
"Well, did they at least thank you for saving their lives?" I added sarcastically.
Then he proceeded to tell me what he didn't get from them.
It is something similar to what I find in Peyton's diaper at least once daily.
So that is how I found myself being quite "stylish" without my cell phone in hand at Sam's club today.
Lynn brought home a very stylish, handcrafted, tie for Merrill as an early Father's day gift. She just couldn't wait to give it to him..And lastly, Peyton..
She has been very attached to Ashley's doll pillow lately. She came up to me repeatedly today, with pillow in hand, and her shirt pulled up with the other.I don't know if Ashley playing "pregnant" so much lately has rubbed off on baby sis, but she wanted it so stylishly shoved up her little shirt!


Tiffany said...

My kids stuff animals up their shirts so that their hands will be free. Seems pretty smart to me!

Ally0005 said...

People just don't take talking on thier cell phone very serious while getting gas; people.
A sister copying her older sister, so cute.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love the mismatched shoes, although I have done that and it wasn't on purpose! Good Old Navy flip flops... but she is right, they were both pink! =) and way to follow the signs and not have your cell phone on while pumping gas!

Regina said...

I would die if I had a child who looked like that out in public!!