Friday, January 9, 2009

Little Lakers...

Little Lakers was so fun tonight..
The girls did well.. and Ash.. what a ham! All I have to say is, at least she didn't pout!

Lynn and Sophie's video isn't the best quality, and to be honest, I couldn't see Lynn very well in the first place..

Here's Hallie.. she was in the top four of my favorites to watch ;)..
Otherwise, the Lakers got their bums handed to them on a platter.. still, a fun night!

Here's some pics..
Before the performance.. a little signed sugar..Her incentive.. it's in her hands :)
Lynn and grandpa..
She's such a goof ball!
MiKell.. or Spanky.. or Kitty (Meow!!).. head Cheerleader for the Sophie clan..
Lynn showing her split skills..
Me and Merrill... Pey was wiped out.. Merrill says once she knew the Lakers were gonna lose it, she just let go..


Rachael said...

Mindy's got spirit yes she do, Mindy's got SPIRIT how bout YOU? I love the yelling in the video your so into it it's almost more entertaining than watching the girls. Just waiting to hear what your ganna yell next.

Promise said...

YEAH LYNN, ASH, SOPHS and HALS!!!!! That was great! They are all naturals! Love you guys!!!

BookwormMom said...

Your girls and your nieces are amazing...that Hallie, she's already excellent. Lynn was cute (what you could see of her, but I could tell it was her). Ashley was herself...and it's an important thing, to be yourself.

I'm a little jealous that Talia's not old enough yet...but she will be someday.

Platt Family said...

Wait a minute, where is the Royals Shirt! I don't know about the Lakers thing!! They looked cute anyway!