Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week of Pics..

Well, the end of the week, at least..
The week was filled, mostly, of dealing with sick kids; i.e. a lot of Tylenol and nose-wiping... Lysol-ing, Clorox wipes, and hand washing, then sanitizing.. banish this cold!!
A "pooping in the tub" incident that led to a kitchen sink bath, so I could get her clean, and then, scrub the tub...
We are in soooo much trouble... Peyton discovered the power button on the TV. She has learned to respect the "no-no", but gives us her "no-no" finger (that's her little finger waving "no-no" at us..) in response. We are missing our very short-lived Sony that had the power button ON TOP of the TV.. what a novel idea!
Saturday we went to see the hotel. Many things are taking place down there.. they have the jacuzzi tubs all tiled (that will be my room.. either one ;), they both work for me!), the doors are mostly hung, the fireplace is almost all rocked, the doors are mostly hung... and here's where the girls are: in the pool area. They got the cement all poured (no more gravel!) and stamped. The girls call the hot tub "the hot pool"..
We went to Mom & Dad's for a delicious "Birthday Dinner" followed by this cake, expertly decorated by my sweet girls..
My silly mom..
I was telling her about my new wool pea coat, a self-purchased birthday gift :).. I was very proud of the deal I got.
"Where'd you get it from?"
"Victoria's Secret.. they had them on clearance for $49.99 and I got a $10.00 off coupon for my birthday.."
Thinking it was really a Martin Luther King Jr. sale.. she says, "Oh, so are they throwing a parade for your birthday too? Ha Ha Ha..." she laughs.
"No, seriously, I got a coupon for my birthday."
"You mean it wasn't a sale?"
"No.. do you think that I think the world revolves around me? That I think this whole Tuesday's events are really in honor of my birthday? That they are inagurating a new president just because it's my birthday?.. and, oh, that they will be having a ball because of my birthday too?"
We were both laughing pretty hard at this point.. we always kid like that..
Love my mom!
Will enjoy a breakfast with just some of my favorite family members tomorrow.. hope to enjoy a birthday dinner with my sweet hubby on my birthday.. that is if he isn't totally burned-out from un-loading and trying to find a home for 3 semis full of furniture for the hotel.. it's also crunch time for ordering all of the other goods..
I want to have an evening out with all of my buddies (who can or want to come) for my birthday.. I am thinking Friday.. so kiddos won't have school the next day.. any suggestions?


Rachael said...

I ordered a pea coat from Victoria's secret this last week too! What color did you get? They were such a good deal. I got a gray one, I can't wait till it gets here. I'm hoping tomorrow. You'll have to post a pick with yours on.

kdance10 said...

Where is the new hotel? You pee coat sounds cute. I hope you have a great birthday on tuesday:)

Bonnie said...

Mindy!!! Happy Birthday!! I know it is tomorrow but it looks like you are celebrating all week, (that is what I do, it really involves a week for my festivities!!) Of course there is a parade and a ball, an inauguration on your makes sense to me! Love the cake your girls decorated, so cute!