Thursday, January 8, 2009


Not in the picture, obviously.. but lately, Peyton has been expressing her loneliness.
It all began Saturday.. Mer and the girls had a primary activity Saturday morning (sniff.. sniff.. I am not in Primary anymore..) and Peyton was all messed up over it. She would walk into my room, whine, walk into the girls' room and whine, then walk down the hall to the railing overlooking the front room, and whine. This pattern continued until I attempted to put her down for a nap. Shortly thereafter.. Mer and the girls got home. They didn't come inside immediately, Mer shoveled, while the girls played, mitten-less. Ashley soon came inside, sobbing hysterically over the color and condition of her hands.. they were numb and very, very pink. I got her warmed up, hands back to a state with feeling and a healthy pink, and then, when the sobs had ended, I could hear Peyton, shaking the rails of her crib. It's her own little morse code for: "Hey! Mom! I am awake! Get me outta here!!" So, I did, cause I am a cool mom.
As I walked back into my room, Peyton in arms, I say, "Look who's home.." and her arms go up, she starts wriggling herself out of my arms, wanting Ashley, who is waiting with outstretched arms. She walked as fast as her little toddler walk could take her straight to her big sis. They hugged, with Ashley in Peyton's death grip, for quite a while. As Ashley kissed Pey on her little cheek, Pey looked at me with satisfaction. THIS was what she wanted, not a bottle and a nap.
So Monday came. She had Lynn while Ash was gone and Ash while Lynn was gone. Tuesday, no biggie, until Ash went to play with a friend.. Wednesday was the hardest on her I bet.. she just misses them so much when they are not here! So, to fill the void, pass the time while they are gone, she sleeps..


Rachael said...

That's cute, I wish my kids were like that. They just fight with each other over me and Jesse. Maybe you should have another girl for Peyton to play with when both older girls are gone. ;)

BookwormMom said...

When the kids went back to school after break, Talia kept going to the top of the stairs and calling for Kyle all morning. She gets lonely too....

That Spacey Chick said...

awww... that's really cute... but really sad. What's going to happen when the girls are in school full time and she has to wait for them then. poor girl.

Kinda reminds me of my dog. LOL..

sorry, but lilly does the same thing when I'm gone, or when dad is gone. not so bad when mom is gone. *shrugs*

Bonnie said...

Oh! What a cute girl. It is so great she has sisters!