Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hotel update..

We went down to the hotel last night.. a lot is getting done.. SO CLOSE!!
Here's the lobby fireplace.. I wish it were mine..
"Welcome to Best Western Canyon Pines..."
Front desk..
Scrapbook space #1.. conference room.. Merrill says that the banquet area is better.. he'll give that to us first :)
Banquet area fireplace..
Breakfast is served.. or will be..
And after breakfast.. we go and work it off. This is the fitness room. Brooke has plans for this area :)
Merrill's office!
Our room... the bed isn't the best part, just one of them..
Ahhh... this tub... I wish it were really mine..
The girls always have fun going there and checking out all the new developments.
We were there just a week ago.. so much has been done!


kdance10 said...

Looks good, thats fun that you guys get to see the progress up close.

Ally0005 said...

A place for me to come and enjoy.

Platt Family said...

Looks great! And it looks like it is going to be really a fun place to go!

BookwormMom said...

It looks great!!! I'm so excited for it to be done...

Bonnie said...

wow, missed this post, so cool to see the updates! It is so amazing! I would love to hear more about it, what an investment!