Monday, January 12, 2009

Three days...

So.. that cold that was in my house before Christmas.. the one I was avoiding so well.. I got it.
It hit me Saturday, and it hasn't been pretty.
Lynn got some variation of it, Ashley has it too, so we have been home bound for the last two days.
I am seriously not good for much. My head is quite foggy. I wish I could scrap!! But I know if I did, I'd just tear it all apart once I can see clearly again.. so I am behind in the 4 a week thing.. Let me enlighten you on what I have learned while being useless..
Snuggling up to my sweetie, always makes me feel better..
If I had broken that wish bone and come out victor, I would have wished that this would go away, never to return.. but really, Ash won, Lynn was broken hearted..
And the best way to spend a Monday, is playing..
I did get the house cleaned, re-acquainted myself with my hellacious non-sucking vacuum (just a week to go Mer ;)..).. got tons of laundry done, and managed to get a shower in before Merrill came home!
In Peyton's "I don't want to sleep unless you are holding me in a way that I can sleep but you can't" phase last night, I learned that watching Travel Channel's "Deep Fried Delights" and "Best Steakhouses" is a very bad idea.. can you say, hungry?
I ended-up taking Pey out for a drive after midnight, trying to get her to zonk.. it was short-lived. Let's hope it was a one night event :)
Sleeping with her on the couch, not so good.. she is a wild woman!! Yoga did't quite cure my back and neck today.


Rachael said...

You poor thing, I hope your better soon.

Jenny said...

Get well soon! No fun. The pic of Petyon in the play room is so cute! You are like me...all blondie girls and you are dark-haired!

Promise said...

Oh Min...Im so sorry you have the cold! We have been holed up for over a week...only trips to Walmart to get more medicine and a few groceries! We are going crazy! I hope you guys get over it quick! Love you guys!

Six-Pack Momma said...

If you need more giggles, just give me a call....get better soon.

BookwormMom said...

I'm sorry your sick, but I'm extremely impressed that you're still doing yoga!!!

I usually give up when I have a cold and it makes it hard to breathe.