Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday..

This time last year I was pregnant with Peyton.. how I miss is!! Everyone being pregnant, or having brand new little ones, just makes me miss it even more.. but I figured that next month, there will be plenty of flash-backing about Miss Pey, so I dug a little further..
January/February 2004..
I got pregnant with Ashley.
We weren't really "trying", Lynn was 14 months old, I was still nursing her before bedtime, and didn't think the possibility was that great. But wouldn't be disappointed if it happened!
I remember it was my birthday. We went and ate lunch at Olive Garden, just walking in, walking through the smell of seafood alfredo, which made me nauseous, I knew I was pregnant. It was too soon for a pregnancy test, so I bought the EPT Early Results test (what a crock!).. It told me I wasn't pregnant.. so I waited the eight days (I think) to re-test, and the second one told me I wasn't pregnant as well. So I went on, being an emotional wreck, knowing I was pregnant, but doubting it because this stick I peed on told me I wasn't.. I knew I was, but somehow needed the proof, but didn't want to waste more money on tests. I even went to that place on Lincoln (remember Em?) that gave pregnancy tests for free, and they told me "nope"..
Fast forward to Valentine's Day..
Now Merrill's philosophy has always been that Valentine's day is a commercial holiday, that we should show each other that we love each other every day, and that a wedding anniversary trumps Valentine's Day. I have always known that he felt that way, and I usually get a card (love ya hon!).. so I knew something was up when I went all hormonal on him for not observing the holiday to the height of my expectations.
I took a different (generic, they have proven to be the best!!) pregnancy test, a day or so later, which confirmed the fact that I was, indeed, pregnant..


Emalee said...

hahaa I remember that place so well. I also remember the day we went for you and you were not pregnant and how upset you were. I am glad you now have 3 little ones that call you mom. hopefully you will have 1 or 2 more who will do the same!

Bonnie said...

We do the same thing, not so big on Valentines day. That day can seem like a catch all for folks experiencing severe relationship problems, if you give them flowers one day of the year they might stick around!!! LOL Not for us, we try to give the love 365 days! Sweet post about when you were expecting Peyton!