Saturday, January 17, 2009

4 am..

No, not the song, but it eventually did get in my head..
I hear the glow worm going off.. it was playing Pachelbels Canon In D.. was I dreaming?
Peyton is in my arms.. how did she get here? I can't remember getting her out of her crib.. I must be so tired.
I hear Lynn say, "Rrreeerrrr!"
What time is it?
It's pitch dark..
Am I dreaming??
Ashley starts crying.. no, not just crying.. crying hysterically..
She's in my room, Lynn's on her heels.
Ashley comes to my side of the bed, Lynn goes to Merrill's.
"Mom, can you come help me pick up my stuffed animals and put them away?"
"What?.. Why?.."
"Lynn wants me to pick them up.."
"Tell Lynn to help you and go back to bed!"
They leave..
Lynn soon yells: "Pick them up and put them away RIGHT NOW!!!"
What time is it?!
Merrill gets up, remember, sleeping baby in my arms.. still don't know how she got there.
I carefully put her back in her bed.
He takes care of the other two, gets music on the CD player (yes, we still use on of those, quite regularly..) and the MP3 player for Lynn.
"What time is it?" I ask..
"Are you going to be able to get back to sleep after all that?"
"I hope so.. I am so tired.."
He crashes.
My mind is still going..
Were they up playing for a while?
How did Peyton get in here?
How long have they been up?
Did Lynn wake up Ash? She has a bad habit of this, you see.. we have told her if she can't sleep, to come and wake US up..
Everyone is asleep, but me.
My mind is still going.
I went through composing a rough draft of this very post in my head, thinking, "by now it's gotta be 4 in the morning, and I am not asleep.."
Then the song started playing.. you know, Gwen Stefani's song, "4 in the morning"..
Yeah, that, playing in my head.
Doesn't exactly help with the falling asleep factor.
I was ready to come downstairs to the computer to write it up..
Then, I fell asleep.
At last!
But not for long..
Ash came and woke me up again..
"I'm scared.."
The only thing you need fear, is waking me up.. but I didn't tell her that.
It was 5 am then.. I had to use the bathroom..
That got me remembering: a year ago..
Using the bathroom quite frequently at this point in the pregnancy last year.
Ahh.. remembering that.. Trying to re-live it..
Finally, back to sleep..
6 am..
Wake up call from Miss Peyton..
I get her, bring her back to bed..
Hoping to sleep more..
She sits up..
She's clapping.
I guess it's time to get up and play!


Promise said...

Oh Min...that is rough! I know how it is though! James has decided that he gets up at 5am on a regular basis now...and wants me to cuddle him and watch cartoons! Yeah it is NOT fun! I feel for you!

Bonnie said...

I am in the 4am club with you!

kdance10 said...

Oh man. I am so not a morning person and my son wants to be one lately:( Good luck tonight!

Ally0005 said...

I hope you were able to get a nap.
Once I'm a wake I'm a wake. Hate it.
We play music also; the girls need it to fall asleep.
My big thing now is trying to get them to go to bed and not get out of the bed. Once they are a sleep they stay a sleep. But oh I so remember those early mornings.