Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Events of the day..

So here's how the day went down..
I repaired some bracelets for my friend Alesha, earned a free cut, got a coupon for my B-Day, got one for half off.. nice..
Lynn was the first to get in "the hot seat".. she was quite nervous over her two inch trim.. she has hair to spare!!
Ash went next.. yup, that's "Alvin the Alligator" with her.. she is so "I don't care".. I had free reign to have what ever I wanted done with her hair! It is now even.. her last haircut, back in April, wasn't so even.. neither was mine.
Peyton found a new place to play..
My closet!
I now have pics of all three of them around this age enjoying my closet..
Me and my girls, kinda a shot of our new cuts.. I sorta already miss my inch of hair that is now in a trash can :(.. but Merrill likes it..
Now everyone is sleeping.. ahhh. let's hope it stays that way.. I need some!
Love Ashley's little laugh pic..
We went to Kaitlyn's Lakette family performance, they are going to regionals tomorrow. They did so good! It's always fun to have Grandma P. crack us up too.. afterward, as we were driving home, past the InstaCare, I looked, I am so sick of this ongoing cold. My throat started to hurt so bad during the last dance, I had to check out the InstaCare. TWO CARS.
I was going.
Good news, no wait.
Bad news, not so fav doc there.
Good news, he gave me a free sample of a steroid inhaler, I just don't need a prescription, the last time I used my inhaler, 2002, before I even got pregnant with Lynn.
No strep, but thank heavens he listened to me and didn't do a culture..
Just a nasty virus.
He gave me an antibiotic to help, he said that if it's gone on for this long, it might be the onset of something bad.
He kept asking me if there was anything else he could do. If I wanted any tests, if this was the outcome I had hoped for.
Gee... maybe he was bored?
He also told me to get rest, that's what I need to get better.
To which I replied, "Can you prescribe a sedative for my kids? " ;)
Hee hee..
Other good news, my insurance, get this, paid for my prescription.. granted it was only $4.. but hey, I'll take free any day!!
Maybe IHC heard it was my birthday this whole week :)
Now I am off to enjoy a nice bubble bath with some coconut lime gel that someone got me :)
Good luck tomorrow Katie!!


Nathan said...

Wow! Those insurance companies are SO nice on your birthday! I wish they'd be nice to me...

Brooke said...

I didn't know peyton's two top teeth had cut through...

Tiffany said...

What is so fascinating to little girls about mommy's closet? It sure is cute though. And I'll take your 1 inch of hair and raise you 8 inches... I'll be posting about that soon. :)

Bonnie said...

gosh we have the same long lasting cold here in Salt Lake. The hubby and I have been out with it this week. Fun pictures of your day.