Thursday, January 15, 2009


Have you heard the good news?
Nie will be back!!
As this whole situation has taken place in her life and the life of her family, it has had me thinking a lot. Her sister has taken on a task worthy of sainthood! It has had me thinking an awful lot about sisters.. dang.. if I had a sister, I would want one like them..
I am an only girl.
Three brothers..
Then Kev..
Only girl.
I will not lie. It definitely had it's benefits! No clothes to have to share.. no one to fight over time in the bathroom with.. own room.. I had friends who would tell me how much having a sister sucked. I didn't really feel a void, I am blessed with the most awesome mom ever!!
I did have a collection of friends. There wasn't always just one best friend, that area of life was most like the waves of an ocean. The friendships were always there, just more needed and right there at certain times in my life. The companionship ebbed and flowed when needed.
High school ended.
Life changed.
My friendships changed.
When adulthood was knocking at the door, was when I really desired a sister-like relationship. Someone, besides my mom (whom I love dearly!) to talk about marriage with, to talk about pregnancy, babies, and kids with..
My brothers got married, and I did get sisters, awesome sisters!! What a blessing they are..
I also have other "sisters".. women who would rescue me without a plea from me for help.. women who are always there for me no matter what.. women who might not have been raised in the same family I was, but have the same values, morals, and goals.. women who are always there to talk to, for long periods of time sometimes! Who celebrate with me, cry with me, laugh with me, a lot.. who enjoy pancakes ;) other late night snacks and gabs.. who share the same interests.
So, I don't have to long after a sister.. I have many.
I wish I had a picture of each of you.. I'd post them all, as pictures of "my sisters"..
Love you all!
Thanks for being my sisters..


GRAMEE said...

i was just reading cjane and thinking...tomorrow!!
tomorrow! is nienie day to be back! i am so excited.

GRAMEE said...

oh by the way i love the tribute to your "sisters" my mom was an only girl also. she made life long friends when she was your age.. her very best friend just passed away last year. she was friends with her since jr. high. she still has others she has been friends with for years and years..
also her sisters' in law have ben very sisterly to her!!

Six-Pack Momma said...

Oh yeah, I'm coutning down to Nie day, too!

Six-Pack Momma said...

My sisters are much older than me, and at different phases in their lives. Most of my 'sisters' were not raised in my own family and I consider you one of them.

Promise said...

Aww...Min, I love ya! You are my "in-law" needed! I feel very fortunate to have gained three awesome sisters in my life also!

Ally0005 said...

I was just talking to the girls yesterday about sisters.
I don't have a sister just one brother so I understand where you are coming from.

Julie said...

I do have a sister born to the same parents as me and it's great, but I also love the sisters outside my family. Just like you mentioned. I consider you to be one of my sisters.

Bonnie said...

Min one of the fun things about starting to blog has been getting to know you better! Both of us are the only girls in our families. I hadn't thought about that. Brandy had Lori but lost her. We should seriously get together sometime like we did when we were little girls. The sleepovers at Gma and Gpa's are some of my best childhood memories!

BookwormMom said...

I so needed this post today, to remember that no matter who betrays me here at work, I do have friends and sisters in my ward to support me. Thank you!