Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year...

It's here.. 2008 is officially gone, in the past. So many things have happened in this last year, some I am not ready to let go of, but I am excited to see what the future has in store for my little family.. for my extended family too!
I have bee thinking long and hard about my goals, for the past year and things I want to accomplish this new year. I have been doing this since October. I busted out my little notebook, the trusty one I keep where I will always see it, in my craft room. I like to evaluate where I am. I did alright last year. Most of my goals hit a hard spot, that was when Peyton was born, and most of my goals have to do with getting back on track..
Just a few examples:
-EXCERCISE!! Fitted black skirt, need I say more? (Go here if you have a similar goal.. :) I think every woman does..)
-Read B.O.M., again.
-Get back to Monday being cleaning day..
-Scrapbook 144 layouts this year (I'll keep track of my progress on the other blog..)
-SAVE more $.. better..
-Be a better friend!!
I have also been thinking about my word for the year.. Jaclyn challenged us all last year; Ali Edwards has had some reminders too.. I've been thinking for a while now. I am still not settled on one.. can I have a word for each room in my home?..
We did nothing of too much excitement this year for New Year's Eve.. no nursing = my "Great (not so great really) Aunt Scarlet" coming for a visit that has been on again, off again for two weeks now.. I wasn't feeling too good. Am starting to feel it again right.. now.. We stayed in, made homemade pizza, we think we have Zucca figured out (very yummy, order the mahgahrita..) and watched a couple of movies, let the kids do some noise makers, at 9 pm, and sent them to bed. I crocheted a new hat for Peyton and we stayed up long enough to greet the new year at midnight, then we crashed. I have to say that I am thankful it wasn't spent the way it was last new year's eve.. in the InstaCare, with a three year old who stuck a popcorn kernel up her right nostril.. not so fun.
We let our celebration get going today, when all of Mer's family could be together. We played Rock Band, Family Guy trivia, and Catch Phrase. Yummy food was involved, and some good laughs, as usual.Me singing and Joe on the drums... yes, a pic of Joe on a blog, mine, because I can!
Sophie during her crazy awesome drum solo.. this lefty rocked it!
Even Dixon got in on the rockin' action.. no pic of Darlene?!Hottie-Body Merrill..
And Jaclyn said she sucked...
Peyton even got in on some vocals...
We are now enjoying a little slumber party with cute little Bubba-Gos (aka Sophie).
Oh, yeah, I am doing "a picture a day" too this year.. it looked like so much fun when Jacks did it last year, I didn't want to start a month late, so I decided that I'll just start this year. :)
I guess I'll aim for taking my tree down sometime this weekend.. I am having a hard time giving in to the fact that Christmas is really done and gone.. it makes me sad! I miss it. I knew for sure I was a hormonal woman yesterday when I was watching "Elf", and at the very end, when James Caan finally starts singing, and Santa's sleigh flies over the crowd, I dang near cried!! Sheesh! I really am hormonal, aren't I?!


kdance10 said...

Man i'm sad it's over too. It came & went by way to fast.What is the picture a day thing?

Emalee said...

Well what a great new years for you looks like you had fun!