Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Haircut?!?

So.. apparently, paying a professional wasn't all that it was cut up to be.. pun totally intended..
So she did it herself!
This was the pic I captured after her explanation to me of why she cut her hair, followed by my response (see below).. it was in her eyes?
I told her that her hair was going to look messed-up for a while.. it is mostly underneath, you can't really tell..
If you think she looks upset here.. you should have seen her reaction when I tried to throw the lock of chopped hair away..
She wanted to keep it.. she thought I could "cut it back"? She deliberated on me gluing it back or even sewing it back to her ends.. but she feared looking like "a blanket". I have it all on video..
But DC 14 swooped in for the rescue.. sucking up every stray snippet of coiffed hair..
I even caught Peyton giving Mr. Dyson some love..
Total adoration..


Six-Pack Momma said...

It sounds like she learned her lesson. Ah, the joys!

Ally0005 said...

Poor thing. It's so hard leaning things in life even when your an adult.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Little girls, scissors and hair sometimes don't mix! My daughter cut hers in the front.. not so pretty. And your girls are way cute!
I hope you don't mind me looking at your blog!

kdance10 said...

Oh my gosh! My daughter did that same thing just yesterday. She also wanted to keep her hair.It's funny cause she keeps saying she wants to grow it long again:)

Jamie said...

Take her reaction and that was mine when my daughter cut her hair... I cried when I walked into the room with long strands of hair scattered all of her floor and as soon as she saw my reaction, she picked it all up and flushed it down the toilet. I wanted to keep atleast one strand for her scrapbook, so I cried more that all of it was now completely gone! At least she never did it again, unless you want to count the Barbie's hair!

Bonnie said...

Ah the hair cutting! Can't wait for that stage.

stacy said...

i am glad that i am not the only one this has happened to recently. how funny that i would blog about dubby giving him self a haircut and then a few days latter ash does the same thing. our little ones are two peas in a pod aren't they??? gotta love our "special" kids to right?

Nye Family said...

I am so glad I found your blog. Look at your adorable family. The hair cutting fun. I am excited to keep up on your family. Oh, by the way this is Crystal (Howe) Nye.

Tiffany Nash said...

I wonder what it is with hair cutting. It seems to happen to just about every little girl. Olivia did it twice to herself and once to Ava. With Ava's I just started to might have just been the emotion from being preggers with Tia but her reaction to that was priceless.

Tiffany Nash said...

oh do you LOVE your dyson or what!!!! I could kiss that european man if I ever see him!!!!