Monday, February 9, 2009

What Peyton does when mommy blogs...

Peyton has started this new "fun" trend of going to sleep all good and well in her crib.. then surprisingly waking up about 45 minutes later... crying..
All she wants is to cuddle!
Then I can't sleep.. so I come to the computer as it is like a siren, calling my name..
And it's cold down here.. a laptop would be nice.. then my fingers wouldn't get numb, and I could type, and spell things correctly on the first try..
But here she is.. asleep on the floor, with a pillow.. cause my arm fell asleep.. kinda cute.. her crazy hair and all..


kdance10 said...

How cute is that:)

Bonnie said...

Oh! That is super cute! Look at the cheeks!

Jenny said...

those cheeks are way too cute!