Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ahhh.. Sunday...

We love our Sunday around here.. 9-12 church, as I have said before is AWESOME!!!
Today, we just relaxed (after church of course..).
We don't really get into sports much..
Olympics is really the only sporting event we get into.. I think I'd rather be playing :)
So, with the Superbowl on today, Merrill thought it would be fun to pick a team to root for and watch. Now, mind you, we know nothing about the teams playing, we didn't even know who was playing.. so it was interesting.
Steelers was my pick, cause I know they were good back in the day..
Merrill's was Cardinals..
We had fun.. the girls cared only about the treats.. like their mom..
Merrill and I had a nice, relaxing evening...
BUT I WON!!!! :)


Rachael said...

Jesse and I did the exact same thing. Well and I should say I had now clue who the teams were. And after watch small parts of the game here and there I had settled on rotting for the Steelers. The Cardinals were just playing to dirty for my taste.

Bonnie said...

It was sad very sad. We had a superbowl party at Ryans mom's, but he ended up playing I.T. man for everyones computers in the house. None of us really watched the game. Well, I watched halftime of course. But Yea Steelers! gotta love Pittsburgh from the mission.