Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inside fun for a snowy day..

Currently, we are watching "Anne of Green Gables", the perfect flick for a snowy Utah day, well first in line right after "Lonesome Dove".
Lynn woke up this morning telling me her legs didn't work. That is a pre-cursor for nauseous tummy, or in other words, her being sick. Luckily, we haven't had any occurrences to prove her illness, just a pale little face, and not so much energy.
That means, my plans to go out to lunch with a dear friend, were nixed..
But if Lynnie not feeling well hadn't done it, I am positive the snow would have. Merrill shoveled this morning before he left. I was wet and heavy, made his back sore.. I think he cleared a good 5-6 inches. It has been coming down steadily ever since. My two sweet neighbors have cleared the sidewalk and driveway a second time. They are so sweet!
My deck is nearly 3/4 of the way up to the railing.. my picnic table which was cleared off the other night by the girls who were playing out there, has nearly 12 inches on it!! Underneath the table is this really cool snow cave.. the snow on the ground surpasses the benches, and the snow on the benches surpass the tabletop.. all making a pretty cool place to play. Now if I were only small enough to play in there ;)
I have a confession to make..
I love the storminess, the way everything is so white, peaceful, and clean.. the coziness of being cooped up all warm and snuggled inside. I would be totally content to get snowed in!
So you all who hate this white stuff, can totally blame me!
I have figured my taxes, and have learned many things in the process. A few that I thought I might share.
- You must have a Federal copy of your W-2, even if you e-file. Audit anyone?
- You may qualify to e-file and have a professional prepare your taxes and e-file for free if you meet a few requirements, one being that you make less than $56,000 a year.
- H&R Block's Tax Cut is awesome!! They found $2,000 more in refund (cha-ching) for me on Federal and $30 for state... yay!!
- If you e-file for the first time, you need not track down a PIN you use your AGI from the previous year's return.
Hopefully this saves you some time on hold with the IRS listening to the hold music (Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker score..) on repeat.


Emalee said...

I also filed, which was hard because I go to claim Kenner. That was not suppose to happen this year taxes so it was just another reminder that I don't have him in my belly still! I LOVE the snow and I am glad it has been snowing. I am sorry about lunch but next week k :)

Ally0005 said...

LOVE Anne of Green Gables!!!

Promise said...

I think you made a freudian slip...lol it made me laugh!

Bonnie said...

I second the love of Green Gables!

Rachael said...

We payed a ton of taxes this last year. We are getting a bunch back from Federal, but the state tax return sucks this year. We payed a ton there as well and we're not getting that much back. Grr... If I remember right we are supposed to be getting out federal return this friday! Scrapbook Expo here I come! :)