Friday, February 20, 2009

Purse tag..

This is another oldie and goodie.. thought it might be interesting to see how the contents of my purse have changed since last summer.. let me just say, I was literally going out the door with the girls to run errands.. this was a very good time to do the tag, and clean it out!!
Here goes!
- camera (in my hand, taking pic.. needed pic of the day, and if I am spending the greater part of the day gone, I figured I had better have my camera with me..)
- keys
- ZEN (30 GB MP3 player..)
- phone (Merrill called it my "piece of junk" this morning.. maybe I'll get a new one soon :) one that doesn't turn off whenever it feels like it, and the antenna is attached by more than a thread..)
- note pad (my brain..)
- 2 pens
- 2 pencils (?)
- 1 box of nerds.. with the valentine hiding somewhere in the heap of papers..
- Kleenexes
- Jerry Cherry Laffy Taffy with one bite missing..
- 3 red hearts made out of construction paper.. one with an "L" one with an "A" and one with a "P".. Valentine's Hannah made for the girls.. I forgot to give them :0
- JoAnn's fabric cut table wait number.. #70
- Merle Norman gift certificates (thanks Jacks & Brookers!! Spending them today was sooo much fun!)
- coupon wallet
- wallet
- Doctors appointment card for Peyton.. more shots in 6 months.. woo-hoo.. (read the lack of enthusiasm..)
- bottle of apple juice (hey, we were on our way out..)
- loose coupons: Hancock Fabrics, JoAnn's, and Old Navy (which expired YESTERDAY!!! Aarrrgh!)
- receipts: 2 Target, 4 Wal-Mart, 1 Carter, 3 Post office, 2 JoAnn's, 2- Arctic Circle, 1 Arby's
- and one bank deposit receipt..
Whew!!! Glad I cleaned that all out..
Wait.. where's my hand sanitizer?!?

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Bonnie said...

he he, my pic a day lasted...a day! contents to your purse