Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More funnies...

Gotta share.. these kids!!
Lynn has suddenly transformed into a "valley girl".. every other word out of her mouth is "like.."
This morning, we had a conversation (well, kind of..) and it went a little something like this:
Lynn: "Mom! The spray bottle isn't, like, working and, like, I don't know why!"
Me: "Well, bring it to me and let's see what the problem is.."
Lynn: "It wasn't, like, working.. and I was like, 'Why won't it squirt?' and then I, like, filled it with more water, and, like, it still wouldn't work! So, like, I squirted it on my head, and it wouldn't, like, squirt, then I , like, squirted it on Pey's head, and, like, it still didn't work!!"
Me: "Like, it works now..."
(Now when I spell like, it like, looks wrong...)
Ashley, Ashley, Ashley...
When we went to check out the hotel the other night, as we were walking up to the doors, she said, "Mom.. this is wicked awesome!! Huh?!"
Ashley's career day in pre-school is coming up. Lynn dressed up as a mom for her career day last year. We put an apron on her, filled the pockets with necessary "mom tools" and pinned a baby to her hip. That's what she said she wanted to be when she grew up.. So I asked Ashley what she wanted to be when she grows up..
Her answer: "I don't want to grow up.."
Lynn and Ash have the tendency, and quite a talent, to make up words. They totally understand them, what they mean, and determine the correct usage.. it's their own little "sister language".. they sometimes come to us for approval of a new word, to make sure it isn't a potty word. So around the dinner table the other night, Ashley tested out a new one on us...
Ashley: "I am a honky.."
Merrill and I look at each other and start to laugh.
Ashley: "Was that funny? Is it a potty word?"
Merrill: "No.. that's pretty accurate.. you see, you are a 'honky'.. and I'm a 'honky', and Lynn's a 'honky'.. mom's a 'honky' and even Peyton's a 'honky'..."
Another dinner table round of laughs was a night where dinner required the accompanying dessert of fortune cookies.. a favorite of the girls'..
As an explanation, Ashley has a "problem" with using what we call, potty words. She really tries us.. I'll have to share some of Ashley's potty word stories later.. they are quite funny, considering the source.. anyways..
She was told repeatedly to stop using potty words this particular night. To refrain from saying poo and fart, especially while at the dinner table. So the fortune cookies get passed around, Ashley gets hers, opens it, and promptly asks Merrill to read her fortune.
I love this guy.. so witty and quick on his feet... "It says, 'Don't say potty words.'"
The look on her face was priceless!!!
The rest of the night, she carried around that fortune, repeating the words Merrill said, like it was her new mantra...
"Don't say potty words..."


Natalie said...

A honkey....that is freakin awesome! I wish you could of, like, gotten the fortune cookie thing, like, on video. It is, like, perfect!!

Nathan said...

Well this honky, like, doesn't want to, like, grow up either! :-D

Randee Mayes said...

Holy crap your girls are so dang funny!!! What a blast you must have each day!!! Love the whole 'honky' family!!!!

Nye Family said...

Oh my heavens. Your little ones are tou cute. Not only looks, but personality. Aren;t they just so fun. Chenielle is starting to say some pretty funny things and I cant wait for her to interact with siblings. What a joy? By the were correct. My birthday is today. And Happy Birthday to you, I might add. I know I am a couple weeks late, but hey I just found your blog. And yes, weren't those sleep overs fun? Miss the good 'ol days.

Case said...

that is like frikin like like halarious