Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life lessons...

Here are some things I have learned to be true throughout my short life, so far..
- Assumptions suck..
- You have to be a friend in order to have friends.
- The grass isn't always as green as it appears from the other side.
- A stitch in time really does save nine.. (see overcast stitching on pillowcase dresses..)
- If you turn the shower water off while shaving your legs, you can have that much longer a shower with hot water.
- Tylenol and Motrin, when alternated, is a miracle worker.
- When people tell you to enjoy your children while they are small, it will go by fast, they are telling you the truth.
- If you step on a crack, it will most likely will not break your mother's back..
- Music is, indeed, the soundtrack of our lives..
- It really is important to change and wear clean underwear every day.
- De-tangler is a necessity when you have a little girl.
- The spirit cannot dwell in an un-clean thing..
- The most important things in life, are never things..
- Whoever said that zits end when you are an adult either, a- lied. or b- made it so my last ten birthdays really didn't take place.
- Honesty truly is the best policy..
- Being two-faced is very un-attractive.
- It's best to use the lettuce before it browns..
- If you have a thought to bring that one other thing, be it a diaper, extra outfit, fruit snack... BRING IT. Life will be that much easier.
- A mother, when using the bathroom with the door shut, can increase her ability to hear her child if the child wriggles their fingers underneath the door.
- Family is everything..
I have been thinking a lot about past posts, attitudes displayed.. I don't want to come off as being materialistic.. I blog to document, to journal the goings on, day to day events, and many blessings of my young family. I also blog about the exciting new things that are coming our way..
Okay.. I'll just come out with it.. I am talking specifically about the Dyson.. my Dyson..
Sure, I am glad that I have it.. it makes my life much, much easier. Having a vacuum that works tends to do that to one's life.. but I don't want anyone to think that that (things) is what I dwell on.
I don't.
I just happen to be very excited about it..
And, like I said above, "The Spirit cannot dwell in an unclean thing.." (i.e. my home..)


GRAMEE said...

i agree about the dyson. it is not a luxury when you have 3 rug rats..LOL (pun intended)

and i never wanted to be materialistic when i was GLOATING about getting a coach for christmas. i never asked never expected.. and it is wonderful to be in the financial position to be able to have a real one. not a fake.. whew.. i needed to get that off my chest. lol thanks for the opportunity.

Bonnie said...

All I know is I seriously think about how grateful I am for my vacuum often. Being a mother and a home maker I am soooo grateful for a vacuum and a dishwasher, it makes everything so much easier. I am throwing in this video clip about guys being in the "doghouse" and how one of them ended up there by giving his wife a vacuum for a gift. My husband commented to his co-workers when they watched it, that I would love that gift!! So anyway I totally get where you are coming from and if the day comes that I get a Dyson I will be blogging about it non-stop!

GRAMEE said...

i loved the whole vacuum drama!..
and i count my coach as my PRIZED possession

i can't count my children as possessions because they won't let me..

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your life's lessons. Those are good things for all of us to remember.

BookwormMom said...

I don't think you're materialistic...quite the opposite. What's wrong with being excited for a gift? Especially when it's something you really, really want?

Society has historically told women it's not ok to ask for what they all sorts of things. That kind of thinking is so outdated...we should ALL be able to ask for what we want, in ALL situations.

Love You!

Promise said... someone giving you a hard time? Dont let 'em! Those of us that truly know you...know what is truly important to you! Granted...I cant see Ken giving me the go-ahead to get a Dyson anytime soon - but, it is a tool for a mom...a necessity! I have been researching vacuums lately too...dream of the Dyson and thinking realistically something more like a Bissell! =) A vacuum is a vacuum...just some suck a lot more than others! =) haha Love ya!

Ally0005 said...

I don't think you come off as materialistic. But I so understand where you are coming from. I think a Dyson would be wonderful to have and you should love it and don't worry about what others think. I don't post about some things on my blog that I have gotten in the past because I was called materialistic by someone that reads my blog. I'm not either but it sure makes me think twice about post things. Love that Dyson, Min!!!

jaclyn said...

right there with ya on the assumptions! were still on for tuesday right??

Mindy said...

YES!! I am excited, it's been a while :)

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love reading your blog! Your insights and stories, experiences are really good! thanks for sharing and for coming to my blog!!

Emalee said...

I used my dyson on friday.....yes can you believe it!! hahaa

Tiffany said...

Even if your values are not things, it's always fun to get a new toy. That doesn't ever mean it's more important than what you truly value. Anyone spending any time on your blog would be able to see how much you love your family!