Friday, March 29, 2013

news to me.. it’s friday!!

seriously, I forgot.  I mean, really.  I didn’t even take the trash out last night.  aaaand, we have a full can.


this has been quite the week…  merrill had a root canal (#2 for the SAME TOOTH) on monday, spring break started that day for the girls as well.  but guess what?  they are all sick.  I know, we have had our turn already!  (multiple times.)  but sore throats, and nagging coughs seem to be on the agenda of “fun activities”.  ash was fevering friday, saturday, and sunday.

so we have done, well, a lot of nothing.  unless you count dosing out cough medicine, ibproufin, and doing breathing treatments…

okay, just kidding, we’ve done some crafting too…

my brother got into an accident in southern utah, so our house has been slumber party central for a number of nieces and nephews.

between all the extra bodies, coughing, and not the quality of sleep I desire, I think that might be how I forgot today was friday…

anyhow, here’s a new product from liv:


I love ALL of liv’s scribbled anything…  I used some doodles on this page as well.

told you, I love them..

click on the page for full list of credits + links.


now go enjoy your friday!

(or whatever is left of it.)

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mandi said...

Sounds like a whole lot of not fun. I think you need a vacation. I would recommend S. UT, but I personally think we've crossed over into the too hot [though thankfully not unbearable yet] realm.