Friday, March 22, 2013

craving summer..

I have loved looking through all the old photos I have not scrapped..  something about that third baby, kiddos starting school and all the fun that brings.

just a few years behind!

these particular photos are from july 2008.  just a few days ago. ;)

liv has been on a roll with her delightful frames!

as soon as I saw these painted frames, I knew this is the layout I would use them on.  the blue paint screamed july to me.

the frames come in a variety of colors, mask included, and different options for the drop shadow, she also has one all ready for you with a staple!

(I tell you, she thinks of everything!)

this layout was created entirely with liv’s goodness, but you can click on the layout to find the list of links for all products used.


the weather isn’t exactly screaming summer here, or spring for that matter.  well, it really is screaming “hey!!  it’s spring and you live in utah!!!  enjoy the snow!!”

I wish I were able to capture lynn’s reaction to our springlike weather yesterday morning when we woke to an inch or so of snow.

it was awesome!

I guess I will just warm up looking at all these summery pix!

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