Friday, April 19, 2013

latest from liv

liv has a whole line of products coming that are perfect for documenting life a day, week, or even month at a time.

I love the simplicity of colors, which makes it easy to add color in whichever way you choose.  she has taken time to create this line so all products are interchangeable!  I threw these together so easily!!

we have had a few events that register on the awesome scale this past week…

my favorite moment-

the family ALL being healthy and well enough to go to church TOGETHER!!

(we even got to walk!!)


but this was the most awesome…

peyton scored her first goal!!!

this one was pulled together super fast thanks to all of liv’s hard work..  I love templates.  I simply edited the photo to colorize what I wanted the focus on (peyton..), and doing some brushwork on the photo to add the journaling, and to hide the stuff that I really didn’t want to see.


these are available on sale NOW at jessica sprague.  grab them while you can, there will be more goodness next week!!

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