Friday, May 10, 2013

holy crap, it’s friday!

I am having issues keeping up with time.

I blame it on the fact that it is may.

with the list of activities for the girls, both at home and at school, the normal to-do list, and the new to-do list that automatically comes with this season, I do not have time to worry about much else.

so it just seems like friday sneaks up on me! 

then I look in my inbox and see a happy little email from jessica sprague telling me of all the new products that are in store, and my brain says “holy crap!!  it’s friday!!!” 

(my mouth usually follows suit and then I think an apology to my momma.)

(she has issues with my usage of the word “crap”.)

(sorry mom!!)

here’s liv’s two new products today, both alphas, and I LOVE her alphas!!

first up is her “painted alpha”.

this bad boy comes in a brush so you can make it any color you want, or use one of her 5 pre-set fun colors.


in this layout I used her newest “painted alpha rounds”.

now the look blue when you get them, but duplicating them and adjusting the layer style will do some pretty fun stuff!

for the “read” I duplicated the layer 3 times, the bottom two are set to luminosity and the top one is set to overlay.  these are so fun to play with!


for the rest of the credits for these pages, click on the layouts.  you can go to liv’s shop to see some more amazing layouts from some fabulous creative ladies.

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